Orion Nebula

Clear skies again tonight. This is shot taken with my little-used Atik 2C. The final image is a stack of 42 separate exposures of either 2, 5 or 10 seconds duration, taken through the Equinox ED80. The individual frames were then processed in Images Plus v3.
Not a great picture, but I guess it’s maybe not too bad for an 8 bit camera like the Atik.

The Moon – again!

As we had an hour of clear skies here tonight, I had another go at the moon. The first one was taken using the same settings as last night:

The one below is a close up of Copernicus taken using an Atik 2C through the ED80 with a 2x Barlow. It’s a stack of 1200 frames, processed in Registax 4.

The Moon

As there was a gap in the clouds tonight, I thought I’d have a go at a shot of the Moon through the ED80. This is a stock of 20 images shot in RAW mode on the Canon 400D at ISO100, 1/250s, converted and cropped in Images Plus 3, then stacked and sharpened in Registax 4 (the wavelet functionality is great for this) before final tweaking in Paint Shop Pro.