More wide field adventures

Continuing my exporation of the Atik 460 OSC, I connected a  Canon 200mm f/2.8L lens ( I guess in telescope terms it would be a 72mm f/2.8 refractor!)  to it last night, and had a go at shooting M31, M33 and M45 before the lens began to dew up and the clouds rolled in.

First off is M31, which is a stack of 23 x 3min exposures:

Next up was M33 in Triangulum, this time comprised of 25 x 3min subframes:

And finally the Pleiades, M45. This was put together from just 8 x 3min exposures, and condensation was beginning to build up on the lens, I think, which cused the stars to look a little fatter than usual:


M31 and M45

Two more iconic objects taken with the Atik 460 OSC, but this time with a Sigma 150mm f/2.8 lens attached, as these objects are far too large to fit in the field of view of a 1000mm focal length telescope!!

M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, is a stack of 9 x 3min exposures:

And M45 is a stack of just 6 x 3min frames:

I was hoping to catch more of the nebulosity around the Pleiades, but not much of it was captured. In both images, the brighter stars are very bloated, and next time I’ll try putting a UV blocking filter into the path to see if that helps at all.

Monochrome Pleiades

Tonight’s the first chabce I’ve had in the last month to get out and do some photography. While waiting for the Rosette nebula to rise sufficiently high, I thought I’d have a quick go at M45, the Pleiades. Taken through a CLS filter with the Atik 314L+ on the ED80, this is a composite of 20 x 1min exposures. The image is just in monochrome because I had the narrowband filters in the wheel. The next step will be to add some colour!!

The Pleiades

This should be one of the easiest objects in the sky to get a reasonable image of, but when faced with a bit of light pollution, it does make the job a little more difficult. This is a stack of 33 x 4min exposures at ISO800 taken through the ED80, and although there’s quite a lot of nebulosity apparent, the background is somewhat uneven, despite my best efforts at processing out the background.