Transit of Io and its shadow

The series of images below shows the transit of Io and its shadow across part Jupiter’s disc. I hadn’t intended to capture the event – it just happened that way!. Taken with x2 Barlow lens on an Opticstar P75C throw the MN190, I was playing about with the exposure settings, hence the appearance of the images is not very consistent. Nevertheless, the first image shows Io just making contact with edge of the planet, and it can be seen moving across in the next two. Then, the Io’s shadow is visible on the edge of the disc, and this too can be seen moving across the face of the planet. However, in these images, Io itself is not very apparent.


Another shot of Jupiter taken last night with an Opticstar 75C through the MN190 with x2 Barlow. Approximately 1 min at 30fps, processed with Registax 6. Io is visible to the left of the planet, with Europa on the right.

Jupiter with Io

Last night was generally a bit hazy, but Jupiter was shining brightly, although a first quarter moon wasn’t far away. This image was captured through the LX200R, and is a stack of about 1600 frames which was processed in Registax 5. The “pimple” on the side of Jupiter is Io, which was just emerging from the glare of the planet.