The Heart Nebula

To go along with the Soul Nebula captured in the previous post, here’s a monochrome H-alpha picture of the centre of the neighbouring Heart Nebula, IC1805, in Cassiopeia. Captured on 7 December, this was comprised of four hours’ worth of 10 minute subframes taken with an Atik 314L+ through an Equinox 80.


A Mono Heart

Last night, was almost clear… There was some haze, and some thin high cloud around, but I decided to capture some H alpha frames in the hope that I’d be able to combine them with the colour image I shot last week.  Also taken through a 200mm f/2.8 lens, this image was composed from 14 x 5min individual exposures:

Unfortunately, my efforts to combine this with the colour image have been somewhat unsuccessful so far. I’ll keep on trying…

Atik 460EX OSC and Hydrogen Alpha

I was curious as to how the new Atik would respond to Ha, so while the Canon lens was attached to the camera, I pointed it IC1805, the Heart Nebula, in Cassiopeia. This is a big object, and should have just about fitted in the field of view.

I hadn’t expected the Ha sensitivity to be all that great, and I wasn’t disappointed!! This is a stack of 13 x 10min exposures, processed in ImagesPlus:

The nebula is visible, but it’s really not very clear. What will be interesting however, is to capture some Ha frames on my monochrome 314L+ and combine those with the colour from this image. That should be a lot more interesting!!