M15 in Pegasus

Another globular cluster, this time M15 in Pegasus. This was just a quick attempt at the end of an evening, and is a stack of 10 x 2 min images at ISO800 through the LX200R with focal reducer fitted.

The image is a bit noisy, and could usefully have a few more frames added to it, but it’s a reasonable start!

M56, A Globular Cluster in Lyra

M56 is situated in Lyra, close to the much better known M57 Ring Nebula, and not very far from the brighter and more famous globular cluster in Hercules, M13. This is a stack of 7 x 5min frames at ISO800 through the LX200R with focal reducer fitted, with flat field and dark frames applied using Images Plus. I’d have had a few more frames, which would have given a smoother background, had the tracking remained spot on …

M13 in Hercules

At last, a half-decent image!! This is a stack of 19 x 2 minute exposures at ISO800 through the Meade LX200R. Autoguiding was done using the Lodestar through the ED80. Images were acquired and processed in Images Plus.

Just for once, the autoguiding worked flawlessly, and the end result shows it was worth the effort. Admittedly it’s a relatively easy target, but it’s nice to get something worthwhile for a change!

Autoguiding’s working!

Well, at long last I think I’m finally getting the hang of this autoguiding lark! The picture below is of M44, the Beehive cluster. It’s a stack of 16 x 2min exposures taken with a Canon EOS400D at ISO800 through a 8″ Meade LX200R witha a Meade f/6.3 focal reducer; autoguiding was done using a Starlight Xpress Lodestar guider through an Equinox ED80 refractor. Image acquisition and processing was performed using Images Plus 3.0.
M44 isn’t a particularly interesting subject, but it’s big and it’s bright – good for practising on! While I type this, the same set up is imaging globular cluster M3 in Canes Venatici. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Well, while M3 was being captured, the optics on both scopes started to dew up. I ended up with 10 x 2min images which were processed to give this image. It’s not as sharp as I’d like – more work on focusing required – but at least the guiding worked 🙂