First light…

for an Atik 460ex OSC. I ‘ve tried LRGB imaging with the monochrome 314L+, but been generaly dissatisfied with the results; bloated star images through the blue filter, difficult to get good alignment of the different colour frames. So I’ve plumped for a one-shot colour camera. These images, taken last Friday (7 Sep) are my first attempts. The camera itself has worked very well, but I think I still have a lot to learn about theprocessing, particularly with regard to getting good colour saturation. All were taken through the MN190.

First up is M13, the great globular cluster in Hercules. This is a stack of 12 x 5min exposures.

Next is planetary nebula M27 in Vulpecula, also known as the Dumbbell nebula. This is comprised of 24 x 5 min exposures.

Then there was the Double Cluster, NGC 869 and NGC 884 in Perseus; a stack of 25 x 30sec frames.

Next up was NGC 891, an edge-on spiral galaxy in Andromeda; just 6 x 5min exposures.

And finally, the last quarter moon; 10 x 0.004s exposures:

2 thoughts on “First light…”

  1. Congratulations on the new toy. Nice initial results. I find that as soon as I start stretching the image I need large colour saturation boosts (Vibrance in CS4 works well).

  2. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing as well, but in ImagesPlus. I’ve reprocessed and replaced the M13 image so that the core isn’t quite as burnt out – it looks a bit better now I think!

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