This is an image of the central portion of IC1805, The Heart Nebula, taken with the Atik One through my 190MN. It’s an H-alpha/LRGB image comprised of 15 x 5min Ha binned 1×1, and 15 x 3min each for L, R, G and B, binned 2×2.


Spring Galaxies

This shot is of a small group of galaxies in the constellation of Canes Venatici. It shows spiral NGC5033 below and left of centre, while the galaxy above and to the right is NGC5005. Also visible are NGC5002 (right of centre) and NGC5014 (towards the bottom). Galaxy hunters will be able to spot a couple of fainter fuzzies as well. Taken with an Atik One through an Equinox 80, it was composed from 12 x 5min luminance frames (binned 1×1) and 8 x 3min each for R, G and B (binned 2×2).


Autumn nebulae

Another couple of quick shots from recent nights. First up is an LRGBHa image of the region around M52 and the Bubble Nebula (NGC7635) in Cassiopeia. Capture with the Atik One and Equinox 80, it’s 6 x 5min for L and Ha, and 6 x 2min, binned 2×2 for R, G and B.

M52 and the Bubble Nebula

And then last night, before the clouds rolled in, I got 9 x 10min of the Pelican Nebula (IC5070) in Cygnus in hydrogen alpha.

Pelican Nebula

M81 and M82

This image of M81 and M82 has been put together from LRGB and H-alpha data captured by me, and RGB data from Andrew Luck, collected over the last month or so. It was a bit of a nightmare combining everything, but the end result isn’t too shabby. This is the full resolution image which shows the HII regions in M81 quite nicely.